Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Royal family of Spain does cool and relax photo shoot of the time

Photo credit: Vogue and Getty images

   Finally, a royal family does relax and cool. That's right people, the royal family of Spain dished out their formal dress wear for a more; as Vogue put it "a sense of pomp and circumstance." meaning no crowns, military badges, hats, and no famous photographer. 

 King Felipe is wearing a pair of white slacks, a striped shirt with rolled-up sleeves (might be from his favorite tails shop), and boat shoes.  

His beautiful wife, Queen Letizia went a head and wore a pair of white khakis, espadrilles shoes that look gray or silver. Her top is from the designer MANGO. 
Photo credit: www.newmyroyals.com

Mean while the two princesses, Princess Leonor and Princess Infanta Sofia, choose to wear light summer frocks ( It's a type of summer dress) and open-toed sandals. 
Photo credit: http://www.newmyroyals.com

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