Thursday, August 27, 2015

CH Kids 2015


CH brings out the shape of the collards from the 1990's, but she brings/keeps this decade in the style,as well. The collard style she picked reminds me of how some other designers design lace collard shirts.

I don't really have a comment, except I really like how more designers are turning dresses into shirts.  

I love the peacock print and the bows she choices for these dresses.

I love this look. It's fresh and its just coming into style for kids.

I love it. I love how the dark grey knee socks and the light grey shoes go great with the grey pull-over turtleneck.

I love this look that CH did because she brought back a mini Blair Waldorf from her time at constance. 

Jock: I love the jock jacket and the collard shirt with the shoes and the blue pant legs rolled up. Artist: Love the scarf (very artsy) and I like how CH added the rolled up pant legs. 

This pic is very fall like. I'm hoping blue and green are added to this years fall colors. 

Scarves and hats,boots,and warm jackets are coming back. So get ready kids. 


I love this look because you can use it for both thanksgiving and those christmas parties.